Black Moon

blackmoonThese guys are one of the least hyped and most underrated acts in the independent rap scene. In all my years listening and searching for old school hip hop, I only found out about them this year when watching their music video at a hip hop karaoke event. I immediately looked them up but could barely find anything on them other than their wikipedia page. Looks like they never broke out of the underground.

They came onto the east coast rap scene in 1992  and their first album, Enta da Stage (1993) is definitely my favorite. Although the “L” in “Black” stands for lyrical, this album is less lyrically technical than other underground NY rappers around the same time (like Big L). That said, it definitely has the defining old school vibe and DJ scratching sounds from the late 80s.


Who got da props?
This is their first song and my favorite off the album. Great flow and will make your head nod.  It’s the braggadocio style so don’t expect meaningful lyrics.

Son get Wrec
Another one of my favorites. Quite an advanced and fast lyrical delivery.

WAR ZONE (1999)
After releasing Enta da Stage, Black Moon went on a hiatus and then came back 6 years later with this album. It’s features a different musical style without the classic old school delivery and instrumentals. Lyrics and rhymes are more advanced and the material is more mature as well.

This is What it Sounds like (Whirlwind)
My favorite track of the album. The beat track is so dope I have to post the instrumental below. Delivery is calm and smooth, but lyrical complexity is still slightly lacking. That said, one of my favorite lines (in general, not just from this album) is “Not an alcoholic but I sip liquid lyrics”.

Whirlwind (Instrumental)

Showdown (ft. Q-Tip)


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